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A climate change risk assessment can help an organisation to identify their climate change related risks on their assets and services now and in the future.

As an authorised reseller of XDI Pty Ltd products, Direct Future Consulting can provide climate change risk assessments at an individual property level through to broad scale assessments across an organisations entire asset portfolio spread over multiple sites.

Often the greatest risk to service delivery is not an organisations own asset, but the supply chain services that may have unmanaged risks and vulnerabilities. Using the XDI Platform, Direct Future Consulting has the ability to undertake supply chain cross dependency analysis of critical supply assets such as substations, transformers, telecom exchanges and non-redundant road access.



The XDI Platform brings together asset level data sets with extensive climate change models to provide deep analysis of an organisations exposure to climate change and extreme weather risk. 

The way the tool works is that it takes information on each individual asset and places it in the landscape. For examples, when we consider a building it has a roof that may be made of tiles. The tiles will fail under a certain wind threshold depending on where the building is built. Every asset is classified in terms of how it performs under various extreme weather and climate drivers. 

The system then goes back through the historical weather records for at least the last thirty years and works out the return frequency of the extreme weather events at that location. The return frequencies are then modified under climate change using various climate change models. 

Other contextual information such as policy boundaries, land use policy areas, vegetation maps as well as bushfire hazard maps and flood hazard zones are also added to the analysis.



Easy XDI provides climate risk analysis for a single asset anywhere in the world.

Should Easy XDI identify significant risk, the settings can be customised to ensure the analysis represents the actual asset most accurately. The results of the assessment are illustrated in a Climate Change Risk Assessment Report. For multiple assets, a series of Climate Change Risk Assessment Reports can be produced, or the asset portfolio can be analysed within XDI Globe.

Easy XDI is used by utilities, asset managers, local governments and property developers.

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XDI Globe is a powerful data management and visualisation. Using XDI Globe climate risk analysis results can be seen at a glance, from the big picture to the asset components.

XDI Globe goes deeper to present analysis on multiple assets, including portfolios comprising diverse asset types across multiple geographical areas. Using the same metrics as Easy XDI, XDI Globe allows users to slice and dice analysis from several perspectives, providing high perspective overview and drilled down granular data on risk to individual assets.

XDI Globe requires consultation to prepare and process the asset data for results specific to an asset portfolio. Bespoke analysis results are uploaded into Globe for secure viewing by all approved account holders.

XDI Globe is used by financial institutions, insurers, utilities with multiple assets, State Governments.


Local Government Councils are often the custodians of billions of dollars of community assets which enable them to provide services to their communities. The assets include roads, water and sewage assets, drains, bridges, footpaths, public buildings, recreational facilities and parks and gardens.

As custodians Councils are responsible for effectively managing these assets and having regard for long terms and cumulative impacts of any management decisions.

LG Adapt maps the future climate change risk at a suburb level. It provides essential information for managers in finance, risk and planning, and is the starting point for Adaptation for Local Government areas.

LG Adapt can identify the geographical locations where assets may be under risk, thereby providing a focus for subsequent asset level climate change risk assessments. The asset level analysis is presented in a Climate Risk Analysis Report that is generated using Easy XDI.