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In the climate world, the IPCC defines adaptation as “the process of adjustment to actual or expected climate and its effects.” It’s doing what we can to live with and minimise the disruption, destruction and human health impacts that come from climate change.

Because quite simply, we have to adapt. To choose just one example, seas are already rising. Now, scientists project that the cities and the land currently home to many as 110 million people could be underwater at high tide by 2050.

The bottom line is we need to build homes and infrastructure that can handle the stronger windstorms, higher temperatures, movement of soils (through drought), forest fires and floods that occur now, and will intensify in the future.

Potential climate adaptations span a variety of sectors including agriculture, aquaculture, industry, urban development, and many more.

Every adaptation investment needs a business case. The XDI Platform enables you to easily build adaptation actions and pathways to optimise cost effective resilience.

The XDI AdaptInfrastructure program is the home of adaptation analysis. Using this product analysis according to different scenario settings can be undertaken.

As an authorised reseller of AdaptInfrastructure, Direct Future Consulting can test the effectiveness of adaptation options – from building with different materials, raising floor levels in a flood zone or increasing the design specifications in a wind zone.